Jesus is a Tolkien Fan!

Tree BeardDateline, Florida…again (I’m telling you…it’s the humidity. It rots the brain). Jesus has been seen gallivanting around in the trees of a Central Florida town. Apparently JC only reveals himself at night on a tree outside of the home of Joe Lewis. Then, as mysteriously has he shows up, he is gone.

Now, I can’t help but notice the similarity in this report to another tree dwelling creature…Tree Beard from J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings series. Check it out…

Tree Beard

“I’m not really hardcore religious,” Lewis said. “I thought it was something cool. I didn’t think it was something to go crazy over or anything like that.”

I think someone needs to ask Mr. Lewis if he’s been watching his prize copy of the extended, uncut LOTR DVDs a bit too much recently.