Thoughts on the US Election

First…hell yeah baby!! In the words of my 3 year old son, “Obama Rocks”. It really is amazing what happens when enough people get motivated and pissed off. The only thing that is really annoying me about this election is why did it take so damn long? Everyone knew that Shrub Jr. was a dip-shit […]

“I’m Walking on Jesus…Ohh Yeahh!”

A Las Vegas woman claims shes had Jesus under her feet for the last 3 years. She first noticed the image after her retina detached and her recovery process involved keeping her head down for three weeks. Apparently all that time looking at the floor caused her finally discover the image in every single one […]

Gibson and Fender…Suckit! Jesus plays Washburn

Apparently Jesus us a music fan, but both Gibson and Fender have failed to please the the Great Cheesy One. When He isn’t out healing people or turning water to wine, Jesus likes to play his power chords on a Washburn. And, if the image on the guitar isn’t clear enough, maybe it’s because Jesus […]