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Ballot tampering, and just plain crazy crap…Florida gets it’s own special category

Jesus is a Tolkien Fan!

Dateline, Florida…again (I’m telling you…it’s the humidity. It rots the brain). Jesus has been seen gallivanting around in the trees of a Central Florida town. Apparently JC only reveals himself at night on a tree outside of the home of Joe Lewis. Then, as mysteriously has he shows up, he is gone. Now, I can’t […]

“Jesus don’t just pop up like that…”

Florida…home of the hanging chad, rampant voter fraud, insane humidity, and now Jesus has settled in sleepy Arlington, FL to watch over retirees walking their dogs. Of all the sightings, this one makes the most sense. Jesus was Jewish…and we all know that old Jewish folks retire to Florida. Ah, but wait…this is Arlington…not Boca […]

Holy Potato Salad

I think what makes this one so priceless is that they ATE THE POTATO! What’s next…a talking fish…oh wait…that’s already happened. MARION COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida pastor discovered food for the soul, and a sign from God, in an unlikely place — a potato. Pastor Renee Brewster reluctantly started making potato salad for church […]